Society of Drawn Weapons Comic Anthologies (2017-18)

The Society of Drawn Weapons: A mysterious collective of illustrators based in Providence, RI. 

Strange rituals, coded messages, and secret meetings under the cover of darkness are hallmarks of any decent secret society. What defines this particular group, however, is a shared devotion to the craft โ€“ the craft of making comics.


Under the direction of myself and Reiley Johnson, our secret society put forth two volumes of comics and illustrations based around a common theme. The first, entitled Keep This A Secret!, was our first collection, published in 2017, followed by Book of Hours in 2018.

In this slideshow: 1. Drawn Weapons Manifesto     2. Cover (Vol. 1)     3. Vol. 1 Comic Excerpt (by Maddie Brewer)     4. Cover (Vol. 2)     5. Vol. 2 Medieval Prayer Excerpt     6. Vol. 2 Comic Excerpt (by Evan Robbins)   7. Vol. 2 Comic Excerpt (by Sel Lee)     8. Vol. 2 Back Cover / Insignia (Collaboration with Reiley Johnson)     9. Vol. 2 Promotional Poster (Collaboration with Reiley Johnson)