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Zine Crisis Fanzines (2019-20)

A series of zines by fans, for fans, inspired by the band Vampire Weekend and its lead singer's internet radio show, Time Crisis. I was the Creative Director on this project, communicating with illustrators while also managing zine layouts and social media.

In this slideshow: 1. Sticker design featuring one of my horoscope illustrations.    2. A peek at the layouts of Zine Crisis: Episode 2.     3. Promotional photo for Episode 2 zine and collectible t-shirt (art by Eloise Jarman).     4. Episode 2 center-spread (by Federico Toscano)    5. Cover (Episode 1)     6. Horoscopes (my illustrations)     7. Back cover featuring illustrative elements from the interior.   

Society of Drawn Weapons Comic Anthologies (2017-18)

The Society of Drawn Weapons: A mysterious collective of illustrators based in Providence, RI. 

Under the direction of myself and Reiley Johnson, our secret society put forth two spooky anthologies. The first, entitled Keep This A Secret!, was our first collection, published in 2017, followed by Book of Hours in 2018.

In this slideshow: 1. Cover (Vol. 1)     2. Drawn Weapons Manifesto     3. Vol. 1 Comic Excerpt (by Maddie Brewer)     4. Cover (Vol. 2)     5. Vol. 2 Medieval Prayer Excerpt     6. Vol. 2 Comic Excerpt (by Evan Robbins)   7. Vol. 2 Comic Excerpt (by Sel Lee)     8. Vol. 2 Back Cover / Insignia (Collaboration with Reiley Johnson)     9. Vol. 2 Promotional Poster (Collaboration with Reiley Johnson)

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